8 best practices for keyword research [2019]

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Best practices for keyword research that leads you to rank higher. A keyword analysis is the first step in diving into content writing. If you are able to find the best keywords then you are the best writer. When you think of keyword analysis first thing you need to understand on what topic you want to write and also is it related to your niche or website.

To understand all this you will learn many tips and tricks that will guide you on how to choose a good keyword and what keyword is best for you.

What is a keyword?

In simple, Keyword is a word or phrase which user types in the search bar(Google) to find the information. Every keyword ranks in the search engine based on its popularity i.e Suppose if people are searching for “Basketball” more frequently this particular will get some search volume based on this factor its CPC is calculated .and also competition.

What is a good keyword search volume?

A keyword is based on the search volume and competition based on these two parameters it is selected and mentioned in the article and the first thing is how much should be the search volume? I personally suggest selecting the keywords which have a search volume between 100-2000.

Most of the bloggers use the keywords that have high search volume and low competition as their best practices for keyword research and they suggest the same to every individual but for beginners, it won’t work as per my experience. They should use the keywords that have 100-2000 search volume and also consider the competition. Definitely, your website or blog rank faster in the search engine.

What is a good keyword?

There is nothing like good or bad keyword, Based on some factors it gets priority. In SEO a keyword is meant to have good search volume and low competition. Follow the guide carefully for best practices of keyword research

Bad keyword said as if that keyword is not related to your content even you added that word it is meant to bad keyword and also the keyword which doesn’t hold good search volume and high competition considered as a bad keyword.

How do I shortlist keywords?

This is the toughest part for the beginners who are new to keyword analysis. Shortlist the keywords that have good search volume and low competition(less than 1).

Place the keywords into the excel sheet and after placing minify the keywords which are not related to the content and also check for the long-tail keywords that can help you rank better in search engine.

what is keyword research?

Keyword research is a technique that helps you in finding the best keywords that boost your rankings in the search engines like google, bing, etc.

Where to use keywords in the article?

Follow the instruction below to get better results in search rankings in google, bing

•Keyword in “Title”

• Main Keyword in “Permalink”

•Keyword in  “First paragraph” of the article

•keyword in “alt tag”

•Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3.

•Bold important keywords and also the related keywords.

.•italic 2-3 Important words in the article

Things not to do with Keywords

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords that are placed on every line or paragraph that can lead your Blog to be penalized by google. Don’t write content for “bots” robots are not going to understand what you have written and they will not get any benefits after reading your article.

So, focus on the content which the user can understand. Don’t add too many keywords that will not get your rankings higher in google.

Include the keyword that should be 1% of your article it means if your article length is about 1000 words it should not have keyword more than 10 times.

Keyword Dilution

It is the same as keyword stuffing, including keywords multiple times thinking that it might rank you higher in google and other search engines. Avoid doing it your result will be ahead.

Duplicate Content

It is not related to keywords but it is related to the content so I mentioned. This means that copying content from others website or blog and paste it into your article.

I personally don’t recommend you to copy and paste instead you write whatever you understand from the particular topic this will gradually increase your writing capabilities.

Check here for duplicate content Smallseotools

Invisible text

Adding 100’s of keywords and changing its color to background color, don’t think that you have tricked Google or other search engines.

Use the keywords that are naturally visible in the article.

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