How to Find Keywords to reach the first page of google

Today you will be learning how to find the right keywords to reach the first page of google. This doesn’t mean that keywords are located in some files just copy them and paste them in your article.I will try to explain how you will find a keyword that will rank on the Search engine. So to begin with this we will learn some basics concepts. Let’s start then.

1. What are Keywords?

Every newbie starts thinking about what exactly keywords are and why are they so important in SEO. To have an actual idea Keyword is a term which gets some number on the search that we call as “Volume”, Based on the searches for that particular word or phrase it gets some search volume. Now consider a word or phrase which has a good amount of volume as a Beginner level never focus on keywords which have high volume as you will never rank in google.

What are the Long-tail keywords?

This is the most significant part in Keyword research as the beginners will only focus on the short keywords which have good search volume, CPC and Less competition. Ok if you want to work with short term keywords you can but understand the power of long-tail keywords even. Consider a keyword like “Buy Football” is your target keyword. People might be searching for it high but as you are a beginner never focus on such keywords instead you should focus on keywords like “Buy best Football” or “Buy football online” or “Buy football online in India”.These keywords will help you rank faster in google.

Which Tools to prefer for Keyword Research?

Many tools are in the market but they no tool might be accurate but for our satisfaction, we should use the tool which has some good user reviews i.e users who have used it and rated it well should be our one of the tools. Here I’m saying that we should not depend on a particular tool for keyword research. The best tool I personally recommend to you is “Google Keyword Planner”, as it is provided by the most used search engine in the world. Now how to use keyword planner for long-tail keywords might be your question.

Method 1:

Step 1: Goto Google Keyword planner tool

Step 2: Click on “Discover new Keywords

How to Find Keywords to reach the first page of google

Step 3: Enter Keyword “Buy football

Step 4: “Click on Get Results

Google keyword planner

Step 5: Click on: “Search networks” at the top bar.

Step 6: Select “Google and Search partner

Keyword Research

Step 7: Here is the list of keyword ideas for our input which we have given “Buy football”.

Keyword Research

So, as you can see here keyword ideas are short and also long-tail keywords are mentioned in the list.

Here you can see Buy football has a volume of 3,600 which is a great competition for beginners. Also the other keyword “Nike football price” is a long tail keyword it has good search volume but the only problem using this keyword is its competition is ‘High”.

Choose the keywords that have the following:

•Low competition

•Search Volume(100-2000)

•Good CPC

Above I mentioned considering search volume(100-2000) this is for beginners. Follow these things and you will see the results in a short period of time.

Method 2:

The other method to find keywords is “google search”.yes you heard right just enter the seed keyword into the search bar and you will see the results that are most searched or more searched terms are shown below.

Keyword Research

Also, you can get the keywords from google’s related field as shown below.

keyword Research

Enter your seed keyword into the search bar and press “Enter” goto to the bottom of the page for related searches for the given input.

Method 3:

When you enter a “keyword” and press “Enter”, you will see the information to that particular keyword and also it displays some information that might help you.

Keyword Research

This is the field in the middle of the “SERP” You can use them and create content on this, as people are searching more for that particular phrase you might get more traffic.

So, these are the methods on google by which you can get keywords i.e “Long tail keywords”. The search engine itself is providing you lots of keyword ideas what else you want.

Conclusion :

These are some of the tips that can help in better ranking in the search engine like “Google”.Try it and find yourself on the first page of the search engine.

If you find any difficulty in finding long-tail keywords let me know by commenting below I will help you out.

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