Top 100+ Image submission sites list [2019]

Image submission sites. Do you ever think that by sharing an image you can get a backlink for your website or blog?

Today we are going to discuss what actually the image submissions are meant for and why they are important for link building?

If you want high-quality backlinks then follow the article and understand the concepts of image submission.

What is image submission?

Image submission sites

Image submission is a part of link building in SEO.

Now everyone is keen towards anything by just seeing a picture of it, Consider a movie which is going to be released after 30 days and they have released a poster of the movie.

many people judge the movie by seeing only the picture of it. We have a great saying that
“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Do follow image sharing sites?

All the links provided here are absolutely do-follow.

Image sharing is a kind of presenting your work in front of the world who are searching for images of your niche.

So, whenever you post images in these sites keep in mind that the image should be yours

and if have taken it from other websites mention their name as they hold credit for it.

How to check do-follow or No-follow?

A simple method of doing this is whenever you submit a link on other websites in any browser(Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
Right Click->Inspect element->and check for no-follow or do-follow

Image submission sites list

Above you can see the image to better understand no-follow and do-follow.

Here as can see I have given a link to “keyword research” in my article. Now when I click on inspect element there you can see nothing can be seen like no follow or do follow so

This means it is 100% do-follow link.
The basic concept of understanding it is if you see nothing in the <a href tag that means it is completely do-follow backlink.

And if you see rel=” no follow” or simple no-follow attribute remember that it is not a do-follow backlink.

Below is the list of Image submission sites list 2019:


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