Top Blog commenting sites with High +DA +PA(2019)

Blog commenting sites

Blog commenting is an important part of SEO. It is the easiest way of getting backlinks from other websites. Its been a trend in this era that bloggers are looking for high traffic blogs to get a backlink from them.

 It is considered as the important factor of Off-page SEO.the toughest part of blog commenting is to find out the right blog or website for commenting i.e when you choose a blog firstly check its DA, PA and also Spam score.

These are the parameters you need to see for every website you comment on.

 Blog commenting helps you rank better in Google. Generally in blog commenting we have two kinds of backlinks


Ex :  <a href=””>Techsniff</a>


Ex: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Techsniff</a>

A comment is generally meant that writing something genuine for the article posted. If you found a blog or website write the genuine comment to get a backlink.

A backlink is not like writing the repeated text what others have written such as :


·Nice article


·Thank you for this post etc..

Create High-quality backlinks from Blog commenting sites below

Wherever you get the chance to get the backlink don’t just post these kinds of text. A comment is meant for giving feedback to the article that has been published.

If you write the comment that has been already written by someone google drags you in the spam list, so be careful while writing a comment on the blog or website.

Select the website or blog depending on your niche and start commenting. But whenever you proceed for commenting make sure you are targeting the right website or blog and with good DA, PA.

Google follows all your activities don’t just create spamming links thinking that you are tricking google.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. Does blog commenting help SEO?

Yes, it helps you in SEO with link juice from that particular website/blog, but the thing is you need to create a backlink from the related niche.

2. Should blogs have comments?

It is not necessary to have a comment section on every blog but blog comments help the author or admin to understand the usefulness of that article with the comments.

3. How do you write a good comment on a blog?

A good comment should be like read that particular article once and then whatever you understand or you want to give any suggestion be clear and write the comment but don’t write irritative comments.

4. How can I stop people from commenting?

There are many ways to stop people to comment on your blog as If you are using wordpress you can install an Akismet plugin for stop spam comment or you can directly disable comment section while publishing your article.

The same is for Blogspot you can delete the comment section coding from the theme or simply disable comment section while publishing the article.

5. How do you compliment good writing skills?

If someone wrote nice comment to improve your article or any other appreciation, greet them with thank you message and ask them to visit regularly or signup for the newsletter.


So these are the blog commenting sites from which you can create backlinks with ease if you find any difficulty in creating backlinks you can drop a comment below or contact me to get solved your issues.

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